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How to become a professional in funeral services

Funeral service is an area where there are many cliches. While the idea of working every day in a company where death is the core business may seem ominous at first glance, it is important to recognize that supporting bereaved families and helping them say goodbye to their loved ones is a noble mission. If you want to get into this type of career, we explain how you can access it.…

Forging explained by SBS Forge

Forging explained by SBS Forge

What is forging today?

Forging is a technique that allows the creation of industrial parts with different shapes, materials and weights according to customer needs as explained by the forging company SBS Forge. In order to obtain a finished part, that is to say a raw piece of forging, there must be different handling temperatures and different forging processes depending on what the part will undergo later, such as calibration, painting or heat treatment.…

Angélique Gérard details her professional path

Angélique Gérard brings the light on her self-taught experience to become the Free “Super Woman”


This weekend, Happy Happening- The heroine factory, organized a Forum around conferences, debates and guests on all themes of women’s predilection. The event, which took place at Carreau du Temple in Paris, was attended by 5,000 people per day.…