Beauty concerns : egg white and face masks

All around the world, people have been using egg whites as an ingredient for their face masks. Suitable for all skin types, egg white is a common staple of homemade skin care even if there is no scientific evidence to support its real benefits. Hereafter some important information you need to know about egg white and face masks.

What are the potential benefits of using egg whites on the DIY face masks?

As you know, egg white is a high source of protein. According to some studies, this kind of protein can bring skin-tightening effects. It can also absorb the excess of oil that appears on the skin.

As egg also contains a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals, liquid egg white can play a great role in the skin’s overall appearance. So, if you apply a face mask based on egg whites on your skin, you can help it block the particles that can damage it.

Besides, remember that egg white is a natural ingredient that you can safely add to all your homemade skin preparations.

Tips to make an egg white face mask

Generally, you can find out a various ways to use egg white for all skin types’ masks. Many blogs and video tutorials can help you to make them properly. As long as you get white egg, you can mix it to all the natural ingredients that you need.

You can for example use it as a basis of your oily skin face mask. You just have to add some lemon juice to it. Apply it directly on your clean face and let it rest there for about 10 minutes. Rinse the all off with warm water and you will directly notice the difference.

For combination skin face mask, you can take a white egg that you will mix with honey and lemon juice. Beat them well until you get a foamy mixture that you will directly apply on your skin. Apart from nourishing it, this mask will also contribute to tighten the pores.

Otherwise, if you want to get the perfect face mask to nourish your skin, you can use the following formula. Take egg white and blend it well with six or seven grapes. With a facial brush or a cotton pad, apply the mixture on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it well.

What are the risks of using egg white in face masks?

Some people are allergic to eggs. If you are among them, never trick yourself in using an egg white face mask. And as 1 per 2 children suffers from egg allergy, it is not recommended to use egg white face masks on them.

 If you are not certain that you can bear egg whites, make sure to test your skin with a patch before trying the face mask. For that, take a small amount of the egg white and apply it behind your ear or under your chin.

Let it there during 15 minutes and rinse it well. Once it’s done, observe if there is some redness, itching or swelling on this part of your skin. Make also sure that there is no other sign of allergic reaction.

Otherwise, you should also make sure that you don’t accidentally consume the raw egg during your beauty ritual. If the egg white you have used contains salmonella, you can catch up that bacteria and you may be sick.

Also, make sure to apply all your mixtures with a neat and sane skin. If you happen to apply them in a wound or a break, the bacteria can easily enter the body and prevent its healing.