An accountant to manage your shop

To be sure to earn a one-time income every month, while starting your own business, is to create and open a shop. Perishable products are subject to many requests. In addition, the steps for registering such an activity are easy.

Find the right formula

But beware, in Belgium, there are many shops today. You have to find the right formula to hope for a minimum income with your project. To do this, a market study would not be luxury. In the area of ​​selling perishable products, you have NOPs, beauty products, fashion accessories, computer consumables, etc. It all depends on the competition on the market.

It is important to point out that today’s trend is for mail order. With an online sales site, you will incur less expenses, especially for the rental of premises, but you will still generate significant revenue. It all depends on the SEO and visibility of your site. In Belgium, just like anywhere else, netlinking has to be done, content optimized and several referencing steps taken to ensure the success of an online store. Some computer experts can help you with this.

Today, in particular, the formula that works the most is that of the personalization of accessories. But it all depends on whether you have the opportunity and the skill to do so and guarantee an optimal quality of service.

When to call an accountant?

For a project of this kind, namely the opening of a shop in Belgium, find your accountant Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Brussels… This kind of provider will be useful to you from the beginning of your adventure. He is able to carry out a professional market study and allow you to find the flaw in order to establish yourself simply and successfully on the market.

The accountant is also your ideal ally for the establishment of the various administrative procedures for the various and varied authorizations requests. Expert in his field, he can help you fill out and find the right forms, gather the right documents and write the status of your shop. This will save you time in completing all the steps.

With years of experience, it is a must for your requests for funding, both banks and micro finance companies. He can help you in the establishment of the demand and the negotiation of the loans with the professionals, even if to make play his relations to obtain you the best offer.

And of course, it can offer you a long-term support service for the financial management of your company. He will take care of the accounting books, the banking follow-up, the respect and the payment of the monthly payments, and this, as well with the banks as the suppliers. He is the guarantor of the good functioning of your shop.