Crowdfunding in the funeral field by Yves Alphé

What is crowdfunding

The term crowdfunding refers to the set of tools and methods that make it possible to acquire money by accumulating funds from a large number of people to finance a project. Simply put, it is a participatory financing system.

Example of a crowdfunding website: goodmorningcrowdfunding. com

This method of financing attracts more and more people because it is an excellent way to federate and create a community around a project or a cause. In addition, there is no obligation to find generous mass. Indeed, the strength of this participative funding is the accumulation of small sums of money that allow applicants to obtain the funds they are hoping for. This allows all scholarships to participate.

Finally, crowdfunding is divided into 4 families: platforms of donations, financing without financial counterpart, financing with equity participation, participative loans, as reminds us Yves Alphé.

Many platforms adapt to these 4 families.

Initially, crowdfunding was used to help people in difficulty, to finance startups, artists, itech objects, etc…. But today, this technique can be used for almost any project. The aim is to prepare your campaign well, to write the script, to define your objectives, your targets and to have a solid project.

Crowdfunding in the funeral market, reminders from Yves Alphe

Participatory financing techniques extend to the funeral sector. Indeed, the communication on these professions, the new digital services that are emerging, the evolution of mores and a certain decouplexity with respect to this environment favour the development of these digital tools around the funeral market, where Yves Alphe is currently working with its French company Caritas Obsèques for example.

In mid-2015, the first platform dedicated to participative funerals financing was opened in France: meilleur-pompes-funebres. com. Charles Simpson, the founder of Senior Media who initiated this online collection, explains that this new practice is a response to a low-cost purchasing power. The principle is as follows: the site retrieves the estimate from the funeral home and then creates the virtual kitty by asking the family for photos and texts related to the deceased.

The page is then transmitted to the people around the person so that it spreads it as much as possible on social networks or by email to obtain the greatest resonance.

Depending on the age, the septissism of this solution is different. Obviously, people unfamiliar with the use of Internet access tools will find it more difficult to adhere to the concept. On the other hand, young people and hyper-connected people who are more familiar with new financing methods may be attracted by the idea.

Indeed, in addition to the pain of the loss of a loved one, we must add the financial worries of funerals, which can sometimes be difficult for the most modest families.