Angélique Gérard details her professional path

Angélique Gérard brings the light on her self-taught experience to become the Free “Super Woman”


This weekend, Happy Happening- The heroine factory, organized a Forum around conferences, debates and guests on all themes of women’s predilection. The event, which took place at Carreau du Temple in Paris, was attended by 5,000 people per day.


Among the women who intervened this weekend, there was Angélique Gérard (Berge before), the director of the Free subscriber’s relations. It was the opportunity to discover her differently since she intervened for the category “Working Bomb” on the theme: “Boldness and uniqueness: attributes of a superworman”, and explained her career at Free, but also her late passion for studies and even her relations with men (especially her own). A good dose of optimism in any case, which shows that we can succeed by becoming a leader of over 6000 people in a large telecom operator such as Free.


You can discover the beginning of the sequence from 04:47 or from 04:55 for the intervention of Angélique Gérard.