Free sends Angélique Berge (and her fan club)

It’s crazy. Yesterday I told poor Sylvain’s troubles with Free (he has not had access to the internet for 3 months but it is charged by the operator) when suddenly, in the comments, an angel appears:


Hello William,

Your file interests me and I would like you to be able to address me your coordinates on so that I look what happened!

It’s not common, and I’m terribly sorry…

Yours truly

Angélique BERGE

Director of Relation Subscribers ILIAD Group”


No? A real answer from a real person? Too big.   As soon as possible, I googled Angélique Berge to know whether or not she has a real existence or if it’s a free trick to hide a lot of geeks technicians hidden behind.

Angélique Berge has a Facebook page.


Hold on.

Angélique Berge has an OFFICIAL Facebook page where you can become a fan. The click click click link and a face:

And … hold on, 8351 fans! 8351 FANS! Incredible. And of course, I understand, she looks as competent as she is beautiful and she is super competent, if you know what I mean. And classy, too:

2009 is the year of the MILF (Angelique, do not go for the exact definition, it’s just a way of speaking). Digging a little more we realize that Angélique is highly positioned at Free:

Director of Subscribers Relation for and brand Alice -Groupe Iliad-

Oh yes still. At 34 years old, classy. And she answers herself in the comments when there is a problem. Double class. And she plays at the Polo Club of France Grandes Ecoles, Chantilly. Triple Class.


EDIT OF 19/11 when it became huge was the moment Angelique REALLY called and sent emails to start solving the problem of Sylvain. Emails, real, long as the arm. Calls, real, with a technician who recognizes some mistakes (I do it again in English: a-hotline-which-recognizes-some errors) and, above all, a possible end of the tunnel in sight. Of which I will talk again, of course, I consider that as long as Sylvain does not have his internet, this business is not over.


I cancel my LiveBox from France Telecom and I go to Free, ASAP. They may have problems with sclients, but, Jesus, they know how to respond with intelligence (and grace and gentleness and fairness and class) (I think I’m in love). Well, I do not give up my journalist cap and I’ll keep you informed of the aftermath of the case. But already, a little sweetness in this world without adsl, without phone, without connection, without interlocutor, that’s good, right?